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Network Graphene
Network Graphene
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Technological goals
• Development of new methods, techniques and equipment for the synthesis of graphene
• Development of methods and devices for graphene characterization
Functionalization of graphene
• 2D layers and quasi-2D layers
• Development of alternative layer materials, layer systems and their production
• Carbon-based functional layers
• Applications of graphene, 2D layers and other functional layers

Tasks of the network
• Planning, realization and support of joint projects
• Analysis of the latest developments in research and technology
• Patent and market research
• Specialist advice and support for network companies
• Development and marketing of individual marketing strategies
• Public relation

Economic perspectives and goals
For graphene, last year's publications forecast a wide range of possible applications, assuming that graphene production can be economically and process-reliably implemented. Looking at the so-called hype cycle for new, innovative materials, graphene is currently in a state of disillusionment between 2004 and 2012, after great euphoria. After passing through the bottom, 2018 will see a significant increase in attention and thus global sales in the graphene market.

Hype cycle from Gartner
The network is designed to help companies position themselves in the market on time and secure important market share. Efficient bundling of competencies and synergy effects through cooperation in the network are an essential requirement for this.
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