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Graphene exfoliation-technology development of an industry-related 2D transfer process (GETiT)
An important prerequisite for the future wide technological use of graphene is that the production can be implemented economically and reliably. This is still one of the major problems in commercial graphene usage. The currently used methods for large-scale graphene growth are based primarily on catalytic effects of carbonaceous gases with copper, nickel or germanium as the substrate material, in which hydrocarbon-containing gases interact with the surfaces and form more or less homogeneous films. TH Wildau has developed a novel method for graphene deposition and implemented various applications on a laboratory scale. The IHP pursues its own approach to graphene deposition on germanium. Despite the fact that much progress has been made in recent years, there are problems in the application due to the fact that the graphene films must be transferred from the substrate to the materials relevant to the field of application in order to make them technically usable. The existing so-called exfoliation procedures are relatively complex and still heavily faulty, so that important properties, such as high charge carrier mobility and conductivity are partially or completely lost.
The project will therefore explore new ways of transferring catalytically grown graphene to various materials such as copper, germanium and nickel. These include the use of novel polymers as a protective layer during transfer, as well as novel methods of separating the graphene from the substrate and the polymeric protective layer. The aim is to reduce the damage and contamination of graphene by the transfer and so the technological use of graphene in particular in the field of wafer-based high-performance semiconductor technologies ultrafast circuits, such as decisively advancing optical modulators for communications technology. A number of other technical applications of graphene-based and technically relevant additional 2D materials and material systems will benefit from the development.

Scheme of project processing
Scheme of project processing

cooperation partners:

AG Faserverbund- Materialtechnologien IHP AG Photonik, Laser- und Plasmatechnologien

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