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Network Graphene
Network Graphene
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About us

Graphene, the "miracle material of the 21st century", has exceptionally high innovation potential due to its outstanding electronic and mechanical properties and is on the threshold of commercial use. Our Graphene Network, founded in August 2017, consists of a consortium of companies and research institutes whose goal is to develop joint strategies in the development and marketing of graphene, other 2D materials and different carbon-based functional layers. The development of networks and the associated bundling of existing innovative potentials are intended to tackle product developments that, due to their complexity, can not be handled by the individual partners alone. In the medium term, the network should form the core of a competence cluster in the field of production, application and analytics as well as associated plant and equipment construction, which can face international competition in these areas. Embedding in a strong research and innovative regional environment of the coordinating Technical University Wildau offers a location advantage with excellent competitive opportunities for the participating companies.

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